A Safe Place To Grow

Eastman Crisis Centre is raising necessary funds totalling an estimated 2.2 million dollars to facilitate and fund the construction of a new crisis shelter. A new building will allow us to serve a growing population and provide quality of care to a diverse range of individuals and families requiring emergency services and transitional housing in the Eastman region.

A committed Board of Directors has identified and begun taking necessary steps to ensure the future of Agape House clients. Major steps along this road have included meetings with the City of Steinbach for appropriate zoning locations, seeking private and public support for funding of the project, and recruiting the appropriate professional talent to manage the project. In February 2012, President and CEO, Cameron Plett, along with Executive Director, Tracie Rigby, went public in announcing their inability to meet the demand for services and recognize the need for a new building. More recently, an article in the Carillon reconfirmed the launch in November 2013.

Over the past five years we have continued to see an increased demand for our services. We often have multiple families sharing one bedroom and up to five families sharing one bathtub/washroom. When we are at capacity, each meal requires two sittings to accommodate everyone accessing our residential program. Privacy is an essential component in the healing process that we cannot provide for in our current facility. The conditions within our current facility make it difficult for women to heal from their personal trauma and experience.

A new facility must be centrally located in our community. The majority of our clients do not have personal transportation and there is no public transportation available in Steinbach. Our clients require access to medical, legal, justice, and many other agencies with ease. The importance of an individual’s autonomy that comes with purchasing of their own groceries and daily supplies is also fundamental. With these needs in mind, a suitable piece of property has been purchased by the shelter.

Next steps for the success of the campaign are to focus on the different avenues of support available to making a new shelter become a reality and ensure its ability to meet the mandate and mission. Success in raising the necessary funds is dependent on financial support from different levels of government, private corporations and organizations, and individual donors. In this planning phase the Board and staff of Eastman Crisis Centre are working together with members of the community to identify and approach key contributors in the campaign.

For more information on the campaign or to contribute information that you feel may be helpful, please call our Executive Director, Tracie Rigby at (204)326-6062. Contributions to the campaign may be made through the mail or online. Please indicate support for the new shelter with your gift.

Thank you.

Board and Staff of Eastman Crisis Centre.

By Director - February 21, 2014