Agape House Woman’s Shelter Website Redesign Launch

The Eastman Crisis Centre Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Agape House’s redesigned website customized to truly reflect the mission of Agape House “The purpose of the Eastman Crisis Centre Inc. is to assist women experiencing abuse by a partner to regain control of their lives and empower them with the education, information, support and outreach they need to ensure that they and their children live enriched lives free from abuse”.

The Eastman Crisis Centre began operation in December 1985, after concerned citizens recognized the need to help families in crisis in the Eastman region. For the first two years the women’s shelter, known as Agape House, operated out of a three bedroom bungalow in a residential area of Steinbach. In April 1988, the Eastman Crisis Centre and women’s shelter moved into a four bedroom house in Steinbach to facilitate the growing need for our service. This shelter can house 16 women and children, or approximately 3 – 4 families.

The area Eastman Crisis Centre services extends North to Pine Falls/Fort Alexander, South to the U.S. border, and West to Winnipeg and East to the Ontario Border. Although you can see, the area is quite large, most of the women and children who utilize Agape House services are from within a 30-50 mile radius of Steinbach.

The Eastman Crisis Centre is a charitable, non-profit organization funded primarily by the provincial government Department of Family Services and Housing. The centre also relies a great deal on donations from the public to meet the annual budget.

Agape House continues in its commitment to offering safe housing and confidential counseling services. To further enhance this service it has partnered with Chipps Web Design to incorporate in order to meet the needs of its vast and diverse user network. Chipps Web Design was able to create a new and more satisfying online experience for users to ease their information gathering process and improve site navigational convenience.

Following the launch of the new website, Cameron Plett, Agape House’s President of the Board of Directors wrote “Accessibility to this important resource is a critical first step to families receiving help. Congratulations on the website launch.”

For more information, please contact:

Tracie Rigby
Executive Director
Eastman Crisis Centre Inc.
Agape House
(204) 326 6062

Adrian Trimble
Web Designer
(204) 381 0107

By adrian - November 29, 2011