Misinformation in the News – April 9, 2019

Misinformation In The News – please report the correction:

Manitoba, Canada – April 9, 2019 – It has been reported that Manitoba shelters have received a funding increase.  This is incorrect, the media announcement made by the Manitoba government on April 8, 2019 is as follows:

The Manitoba government is providing $176,000 in new funding through the Family Violence Prevention Program to support women’s resource centres in Winnipeg and Brandon, Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires, minister responsible for the status of women, announced today while at the West Central Women’s Resource Centre.”

To clarify, the shelters did not receive funding.  Resource centres are not shelters as they do not provide emergency accommodation to survivors of family violence.  Shelters are equipped to provide the security measures for emergency shelter for fleeing victims as well as facilitating the crisis management that is required to navigate the justice system, find housing, provide counselling, and numerous other programs and activities to support survivors of family violence make permanent changes in their lives.

Manitoba family violence shelters have not had a core funding increase in 11 years.  The shelters are being inundated with people not only experiencing interpersonal or family violence but who are also suffering from severe mental health or addiction issues.

We feel it’s important that the public understands the difficulties facing the shelters and the need for accurate information to be distributed.

Each year family violence shelters in Manitoba assist thousands of women, men and children.  During 2017-2018 MAWS shelters provided 46,350 bed nights to women, men and children who were victims of family violence and assisted with 11,349 crisis line calls.


Kari Prawdzik, Secretary of Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc. and Executive Director – Parkland Crisis Centre 204-622-4620 or pkndadmin@mts.net

Cristin Smook, Co-Chair Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelter Inc. and Executive Director – Thompson Crisis Centre 204-778-4161 or tcc9668@thompsoncrisiscentre.com

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About the Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters

The Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters consists of ten provincially funded women’s shelters and eight affiliate members in the province. MAWS is the central body to facilitate communication & support to our member shelters, sharing information, best practices, resources and training, and participating in events to increase public awareness. MAWS aim to provide a voice for the women and children who access and use our shelters and services. www.maws.mb.ca . The Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters is a registered charity and is funded solely by our generous donors. 

By Director - April 18, 2019