Purse Auction Fundraiser – April 20th

Hey everyone! Is it time to update your purse for spring?
We are excited about our first ever purse/bag auction! Beautiful leather purses all the way from Mexico! 

Check out all the pics and details on our FB page here!!

Terms and Rules:
1. You can start bidding on purses April 20th at 8am CST
2. Your bid goes in the comment section in the post of purse/bag you wish to bid on.
3. Reserve bid will be noted on each purse / bag.
4. All bids go up in a minimum of $5.00 increments – feel free to bid higher then $5.00 (example: $10,$15,$20).
5. Each purse will close on a different day (this way you can bid on a couple that catch your eye) starting on May 1st – ending May 11th.
Bids will close at 7pm CST in the day of that purse/bag – or 5 minutes after last bid (example: if a bid comes in at 6:59 people will be able to continue to bid until there is no bidding action for 5 minutes)
6. The winner will be notified via the comments section / private message.
7. Your purchase must be paid for within 24 hours of winning the bid.
8. We can ship a purse if needed. Buyer pays shipping costs.
9. Payment can be made by cash or etransfer. Credit card may be used but will incur a 3.4% surcharge.
10. Pick up can be arranged for Steinbach or Ste. Anne.
11. Tax receipts will be made for any winning purse for the amount above reserve bid.
12. Please invite your friends – who doesn’t need a new purse / bag

By Director - April 18, 2019