Super Kids 2013 Calendar

This year, nearly 100 children have needed the services of Agape House Woman’s Shelter.   Artwork from the children’s program has been compiled to make a 2013 calendar.  For every month, one child’s painting is featured and is accompanied by a quote about the gift of every child.

Domestic violence has a profound impact on children.  Children who have experienced domestic violence and stay at Agape House with their mothers, need counselling to help them process their experiences just as much as their parents.

“When children have emotions and feelings inside of them, they do not always know how to get them out,” said the children’s counsellor.  “Part of what I do, as the children’s counsellor, is give children avenues of expression.  All children deserve to be heard, and listened to.  Sometimes, we must use more than our ears to hear them.”

Throughout the year, the parenting and children’s counsellor at Agape House compiled some of the artwork completed during Super Kids, the Residential Children’s Counseling Program.  During the program, art is used as a group exercise to help children open up and begin expressing their thoughts and feelings in a safe way and in a safe place.

The Super Kids calendars are $10 each.  All proceeds will go towards funding an outdoor basket ball court at Agape House’s impending new facility.  You can purchase a calendar at the Clearspring Mall on December 14th and 15th during the Christmas Raffle and Bake Sale.   You can also contact Agape House directly to order calendars: (204)326-6062.

By Director - December 12, 2012